Delivery Models


Global Delivery Model

Usually, the term Global Delivery Model is associated with organizations involved in IT consulting and service delivery industry and using a software project implementation model by a globally distributed group.

Being a Custom Software development company, we offer tailor-made software delivery models to provide scalable IT offshoring/outsourcing business models.

Dedicated Development Teams

In this model, you effectively maintain project management power and only use your contractor to hire your project team, as well as maintenance and administrative support. When to apply: Applied For projects with uncertain criteria for long-term strategic IT/software development and frequent changes in scope. To add more resources to your own IT/development team and operations in-house by building an offsite staff resource equal to your in-house team. It can be applied to leverage skills outside your national borders, as well as information and technological know-how in-sourcing.

We will carefully find and hire a dedicated team of highly qualified people in the appropriate field with full focus on the task, implementing the necessary processes and performance structures, engaging with the team, etc.

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